Bash Shell Scripting

OMG! Finally, I am getting into scripting đŸ˜‰

I have always wanted to know some basic scripting to automate my system admin workload, and finally, I have decided to dive into that realm, enjoy my bash tutorials.

  • awk In Bash Scripting

    Up until now, we have covered a couple of text processing, from sed to grep to sort, and now we have the big daddy, which is awk. awk (which stands for Aho, Weinberger, and Kernighan – its creators) is a programming language that is geared towards textual data manipulation. Unlike the other text processing tools we covered, ...

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  • (Bash Script) Automate Multiple ClassicPress & Wordpress Installation + [Caching and SSL]

    (Bash Script) Automate Multiple Classicpress & Wordpress Installation + [Caching and SSL]

    If you are tired of using control panels (I am because they are mostly not secure, and most comes loaded with bundles of useless stacks), and want to do everything on the server level, I wrote a menu-driven bash program that handles the installation of ClassicPress or WordPress using Nginx (+ Caching), PHP and mariadb. It ...

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  • Understanding The Four (4) Ways Command-Line Runs Shell Script

    Sometimes we need to think like the command line shell in order to understand how things are done in the background, this would make debugging a breeze. In this guide, you would learn all the various ways the shell script can be run, and the understanding of how the operations are done in the background with examples. There ...

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  • Text Processing (Filters) In Bash Scripting

    Ever wondered if you could quickly do some text processing in a bash script, for example, you can analyze a text or sort the output of a text, and provide it in a more meaningful way. The good thing about doing things this way is that you can search a single query in a mammoth document, ...

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  • Sort in Bash Scripting

    We recently just looked at grep in bash scripting, and another commonly used program in bash scripting is the program called sort. Sort is a simple filter that is used to sort lines of text from its input, input can be your keyboard input, a file, or even an output of another program. This is its syntax: sort ...

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