Using read in a Bash Script

We previously looked at using echo with options in a shell, in this guide we would combine it with read command to prompt for user input.

Create and open up a new text file: nano $HOME/bin/

Add the following:

echo -n "Hello There, may I ask your name: "
echo "Hello $REPLY"
exit 0

Let’s understand the command line by line:

#!/bin/bash  – This is the interpreter, nothing new here

read – This reads a line from the standard input (e.g your keyboard input), you are to pass a variable to the read command. If you do not, it is going to use the default internal variable, which is the $REPLY variable.

echo “Hello $REPLY” – The $REPLY  is the default value when a variable is not supplied to read, it would store whatever you type in the stdin, and we then echo it.

Remember to add an execution bit to the file: chmod +x $HOME/bin/

This the output:

Hello There, may I ask your name: ? Mr. Devsrealmer
Hello Mr. Devsrealmer

In future guide, we would talk more on the read builtin command

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