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awk In Bash Scripting

Up until now, we have covered a couple of text processing, from sed to grep to sort, and now we have the big daddy, which is awk. awk (which stands for Aho, Weinberger, and Kernighan – its creators) is a […]View Full Post

Sort in Bash Scripting

We recently just looked at grep in bash scripting, and another commonly used program in bash scripting is the program called sort. Sort is a simple filter that is used to sort lines of text from its input, input can […]View Full Post

Functions in Bash

Functions are modular building blocks for creating powerful and modular scripts, using function makes it easy to isolate a code since it would be in a single building block, which would be isolated from the rest of the script. To […]View Full Post

Using Case Statements in Bash

We previously looked at looping in bash, and creating conditional statements using if and else but there are cases where using case statements makes the logic simpler, and clearer. This is the basic layout of a case statement: We can use […]View Full Post