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Week 15 (Final Update)

It is crazy how far I have come, it looks like yesterday to me 🙂 I finally mastered the essentials of bash scripting. In week 6 I said I was tired of doing repetitive tasks manually, and I decided to […]View Full Post

Week 14 Update

Week 14 was more about filters in bash scripting, a filter can take either standard input (your keyboard) or the contents of one or more files, the input just gat to come from somewhere, be it a keyboard input, a file, […]View Full Post

Week 12 Update

I am super happy with my progression on bash scripting, and I promised on Week 11 that I have more bash scripting loading, and here it is. I created a script optimizes images in bulk, It was intended for my ClassicPress […]View Full Post

Week 11 Update

In week 10, I said, I wrote a couple of scripts which I’ll postpone for week 11, and yeah, I did just that, I was working on a project with a colleague where we need to replace about a thousand […]View Full Post

Week 10 Update

I wrote a couple of script that couldn’t make it into this week, so, I’ll postpone that for the coming weeks, here are week 10 guides: Simple Conditional Execution With (Command Lists) Check If Variable Is Not Empty [isset] (Bash) […]View Full Post

Week 9 Update

Nothing much to say, I’ll just keep grinding. Well, I wrote a couple of guides that I couldn’t publish, so, I’ll probably save that for other weeks, here are week 9 guides: Sourcing With Bash Local Variable, Typset and The […]View Full Post

Week 8 Update

I don’t know why it took me a bit to write my week 8 update, but that could be the heavy flow of content I am pouring out on my other blog. Anyways, week 8 has been cool but nothing […]View Full Post

Week 7 Update

In week 6, I said I’ll lay more focus on bash scripting, so far, I haven’t done much, still playing around with the basic, Here are the guides I wrote last week: Properly Naming a Bash Scripts Using echo with […]View Full Post