Week 4 Goal (Completed ✔)

Last week, which was week 4 was interesting, I learnt some cool tricks, and this would make me super productive when using the shell. Here are the articles:

I am contributing the two reserved articles for the Upcloud community, they’ve accepted my article in the past, so, I am still waiting for their response on this. I’ll add a link to the article once approved.

Why I am contributing? I am contributing because I want to share a simplified way of doing things, and merely sharing it on my blog won’t go very far, for example, I had tons of challenges setting up my own mail server, but I gladly overcame them, sharing how to overcome challenges to the masses is cool right!

Also, I earn about $250 credits on each submission, that would clear hosting hassle, and would entice me to do more.

My Fifth week, which is this week is to write 5 blog posts about Linux in general, see ya.

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