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Week 3 Goal (Completed ✔)

Week 3 was a bit rough, I was working on too many stuff at a time, but nevertheless I completed the goal. Week 3 was more of using cool utilities in Linux, plus other stuff, here are the link to the posts:

Note: Here is the first-week & Second Week if you are interested in what I learned

  1. How To Install (WordPress & ClassicPress) With Keyhelp (Ubuntu 18.04) [Reserving This For Upcloud Community, I'll add a link to it once approved]
  2. How To Find Files Using Locate in Ubuntu
  3. Viewing Disk Usage in Ubuntu
  4. Understanding the Linux Filesystem
  5. Simple Way to Fix SSH Permission Denied (Public key) error
  6. Understanding & Using Symbolic & Hard Links (Ubuntu)
  7. Installing and Using NCDU (NCurses Disk Usage)
  8. Finding Out File Using Up Disk Space With [du] in Linux
  9. Installing Nginx Server as Reverse-Proxy for Apache [Multiple Websites]
  10. Installing and Using dig in Ubuntu

My fourth week's goal is to write 5 blog posts about Linux in general, see ya.