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First Post: Introduction to Myself and The Reason I Started This Project

Lucky me if anyone finds this post, the first and shiny new blog post on DevsRealm.

My name is Faruq, and honestly, this would be the first time I'll be introducing myself publicly online, I don't disclose my self/what I do, and for good reason, haha, I am not a bad guy ;) , I just don't have the nerves to do so.

Bottom line: I love working privately, and I do so with my computer, listen to music, and I read too many books (No, it isn't novel, I don't have time for a novel, it's programming books. ;p).

Time to share what I have been doing/what I will be doing

Call me Faruq or the Devsrealm guy, whatever soothes you..

Brief Note About My Journey

I knew right from the start of my career I wanted to be a web/software developer, life is funny at times, and I only got the chance to choose one, which is web development, I wasn't taking it seriously at first, and up till this point, I have no idea what I am still doing  ?, I told you, it's a brief note.

Enough of introducing myself, let's get to the main hook of this post...

which is...

The Reason I Started This Project

I decided to create Devsrealm as an online log of my web development activities, to share what I have learnt with others, portfolio of website I have created, and most importantly to help aspiring web developers to seamlessly understand wonky and complex topics on web development.

You see, sometimes I get tired of picking 3 to 4 books or reading tons of tutorials just to understand a single concept, maybe, you can say, I am not smart ?, whatever!

The solution to my problem is using objects to describe what a specific passage is saying, transforming codes into a real object, comparing and simplifying to the lowest possible way I could ever imagine, that's what I will be sharing on this blog.

My main goal is to help upcoming developers to not only understand or learn web development easily but to be able to digest and split complex topics into understandable chunks, it's a win-win for both of us :p.

One thing to note though: You need Eagerness to learn, if you don't have that, there is no point in learning in the first place, see you in those post, and I wish my self a great and a successful journey.

Lastly, I hope I don't breach my statements!

Note: This website is powered by ClassicPress, currently, the best CMS in the world, free from crazy decisions, free from nonsense, no page builders, just our favourite Classic Editor, catch me if you can :p

You'll learn plenty and plenty of stuff about ClassicPress on this blog.