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Week 2 Goal (Completed ✔)

I decided to start my journey on DevOps, in order to accomplish this, I decided to keep track of what I learn each week. This would keep me obligated, and since this is on my blog, I won't dare to breach my journey. I have no idea when I would stop this journey, I just wanna keep learning, writing, and help others if possible.

My second-week goal was to write 10 blog posts on what I learned about Linux, this week is more of web servers, and honestly, it was an interesting ride, here are the link to the posts:

Note: Here is the first-week goal if you are interested in what I learned

  1. Installing, Understanding, and Configuring Apache (Ubuntu)
  2. Installing Additional Apache Modules
  3. Securing Apache Server Using a (Self Signed Certificate) [Ubuntu]
  4. Securing Apache Server Using (Let’s Encrypt) [Ubuntu]
  5. Installing and Configuring Nginx
  6. Securing Nginx Server Using a (Self Signed Certificate) [Ubuntu]
  7. Securing Nginx Server Using (Let’s Encrypt) [Ubuntu]
  8. Installing MariaDB (Ubuntu)
  9. Changing the MariaDb Configuration Files
  10. Installing Security Updates in Ubuntu

It's getting interesting, and I hope I keep up with this pace.

My third-week goal is to write 10 more blog posts, it seems 10 is the golden number!

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