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Week 8 Update

I don't know why it took me a bit to write my week 8 update, but that could be the heavy flow of content I am pouring out on my other blog. Anyways, week 8 has been cool but nothing big actually.

The funny thing about all the posts I am writing on this blog is that I haven't been doing any SEO optimization, my goal isn't about traffic for now. I just want to learn first, and maybe in the future, I'll optimize and think of a monetization strategy, but for now, currently on the learning phase.

Lastly, I signed up for a forum where people post questions and answers related to certain software. I helped a couple of guys fix some issues using my basic Linux skills, but there is this guy that was so grateful to me for solving his question. He sent me a private message and sent me a token into my bank account. The fact that a stranger would be so grateful gives me so much motivation, and joy.

So, I need to learn a couple of more stuff, so, I can help more people like him for free.

Posts of week 8 are as follows:

I need to step up my bash learning game, I am moving too slow.