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This is one major reason I created Devsrealm, to share what I have learned with others in the web development scene. I’ll be covering PHP, JS, JS frameworks, CSS, and more.

  • Arrays in PHP

    Arrays in PHP

    An array is an orderly arrangement of a collection of multiple values, that is the basic explanation I can up with. You can think of them as a collection of values stored in a specific variable, and also provides a way to access the value. Indexed Arrays A simple analogy of understanding how array work is picturing ...

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  • Guide To Functions In PHP

    Guide To Functions In PHP

    In this guide, we would look at functions in PHP…so…first Intro To Functions Functions are modular building blocks for creating powerful and modular scripts, using function makes it easy to isolate a code since it would be packaged up into a single unit, and you can then call the unit whenever and wherever it is needed. If you’ve ...

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  • Control Structure: Guide To Learning Loops In PHP

    Control Structure: Guide To Learning Loops In PHP

    In our previous guide, we’ve seen conditional statements in PHP that lets us alter the program flow base on conditional choices, in this guide, we would look into the different types of loops in PHP. Loops give us the ability to write code that would execute more than once without the need of writing the code ...

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  • Conditional Statements In PHP

    Conditional Statements In PHP

    Conditional statements alter the program flow, and by using a conditional flow, you can make your program make choices about what should happen based on certain conditions. We can achieve this by using a logical expression, and an example of such is if-else-statement, switch statement, e.t.c. Before we get into logical expression, let’s understand logical operators ...

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  • Getting Started With PHP (Introduction)

    Getting Started With PHP (Introduction)

    This is my first PHP guide on this blog, and in this guide, we would go over the introduction of PHP, but first… What is PHP? PHP which is a recursive acronym of Hypertext Preprocessor is a dynamical server-side scripting language that is geared towards web development, but really, it is a general-purpose language, and it’s not limited ...

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