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This is one major reason I created Devsrealm, to share what I have learned with others in the web development scene. I’ll be covering PHP, JS, JS frameworks, CSS, and more.

  • [MariaDB] Guide To Creating Databases and Tables

    [MariaDB] Guide To Creating Databases and Tables

    IF you are new to mariadb or mysql, you might want to take a sneak peek at the Introduction To MariaDB, I covered a couple of interesting concept in that post. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a mariadb database and table. You can think of a database as a container that houses different tables, and ...

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  • Introduction To MariaDB

    Introduction To MariaDB

    A database is a structured collection of records or data stored in a computer server and organized in such a way that it can be quickly searched and information can be rapidly retrieved with very minimal to no overheads. MySQL or MariaDB is an open-source, multithreaded relational database that gives you the ability to create one or ...

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