PHP Tutorials

PHP is a server-side programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases.

I created this page to documents all I have learned on PHP, instead of reading the manual every time I need to use a specific function or I wanna learn a certain syntax, I’ll hop in here to find the details, and the bad thing about me is that I can only understand my very own explanation 🙂

Here are guides to follow if you are new to PHP…

Beginner Tutorials On PHP

  1. Getting Started With PHP (Introduction)
  2. Exploring Data Types, Variables and Operators in PHP
  3. Conditional Statements In PHP
  4. Control Structure: Guide To Learning Loops In PHP
  5. Guide To Functions In PHP
  6. Arrays in PHP

Advanced Tutorials On PHP

  1. Object-Oriented Programming Intro in PHP
  2. Static Methods and Properties In PHP
  3. Abstract Classes, Interfaces, and Traits In PHP
  4. PDO: Querying Data From Database – PHP MariaDB/MySQL
  5. Creating a Tiny PHP MVC Framework From Scratch

  • Exploring Data Types, Variables and Operators in PHP

    Exploring Data Types, Variables and Operators in PHP

    In PHP or any programming language, a data type is an attribute of data that tells the interpreter how the programs intend to use the given data. PHP supports a couple of data types of which are integer numbers of varying sizes, characters, Booleans, Floating point number to mention a few. A data type can’t hold ...

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