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  • Introduction To MariaDB

    Introduction To MariaDB

    A database is a structured collection of records or data stored in a computer server and organized in such a way that it can be quickly searched and information can be rapidly retrieved with very min

  • [MariaDB] Guide To Creating Databases and Tables

    [MariaDB] Guide To Creating Databases and Tables

    IF you are new to mariadb or mysql, you might want to take a sneak peek at the Introduction To MariaDB, I covered a couple of interesting concept in that post. In this guide, you'll learn how to cre

  • Week 14 Update

    Week 14 was more about filters in bash scripting, a filter can take either standard input (your keyboard) or the contents of one or more files, the input just gat to come from somewhere, be it a key

  • Week 15 (Final Update)

    It is crazy how far I have come, it looks like yesterday to me :) I finally mastered the essentials of bash scripting. In week 6 I said I was tired of doing repetitive tasks manually, and I decided t

  • Functions in Bash

    Functions are modular building blocks for creating powerful and modular scripts, using function makes it easy to isolate a code since it would be in a single building block, which would be isolated f

  • grep (Regular Expression) In Bash Scripting

    We recently discussed filters in bash scripting, in this guide we would look more into the practical usage of using a filter program, and an example of such a program is grep. grep, in its simplest f

  • Sort in Bash Scripting

    We recently just looked at grep in bash scripting, and another commonly used program in bash scripting is the program called sort. Sort is a simple filter that is used to sort lines of text from its

  • Returning Values From Functions in (Bash)

    In the guide function in bash, we dive deep in bash functions and we also pass some information into the functions to carry out a certain operation. In this guide, I'll show you how to get informatio

  • Understanding The Four (4) Ways Command-Line Runs Shell Script

    Sometimes we need to think like the command line shell in order to understand how things are done in the background, this would make debugging a breeze. In this guide, you would learn all the variou

  • Text Processing (Filters) In Bash Scripting

    Ever wondered if you could quickly do some text processing in a bash script, for example, you can analyze a text or sort the output of a text, and provide it in a more meaningful way. The good thing

  • Week 12 Update

    I am super happy with my progression on bash scripting, and I promised on Week 11 that I have more bash scripting loading, and here it is. I created a script optimizes images in bulk, It was intende

  • Week 13 Update

    Yh, I am into functions in bash, but I still have more to learn about functions, so, for now, this is what I have: Functions in Bash Returning Values From Functions in (Bash)

  • Iterating With Loops (Bash)

    Iterating With Loops (Bash)

    Imagine having to edit 10,000 lines of text within a CSV file, this would be a shit load of work if done manually, which is where looping comes in. When a task or a series of tasks needs to be repeat

  • Using Case Statements in Bash

    Using Case Statements in Bash

    We previously looked at looping in bash, and creating conditional statements using if and else but there are cases where using case statements makes the logic simpler, and clearer. This is the basic

  • Bash Script For Optimizing ClassicPress & WordPress Images in Bulk

    Bash Script For Optimizing ClassicPress & WordPress Images in Bulk

    Out of frustration of the way different plugin optimizes images (which is super limited, and not effective; it has never been for me)in the WordPress world, I decided to create a script that does it

  • Script to Replace/substitute Multi Occurrences of A String in Files

    Script to Replace/substitute Multi Occurrences of A String in Files

    There are a couple of ways you can replace a string in a file, and an example is using the mv command, but what if you want to replace multiple strings at once, then you might consider creating a loo

  • Creating Multiple Menus in Bash Scripts

    Creating Multiple Menus in Bash Scripts

    I have been writing a couple of scripts now for different use cases, wouldn't it be handy to build a menu which will provide a list of command select to choose from? e.g It can contain all sorts of s

  • Week 11 Update

    In week 10, I said, I wrote a couple of scripts which I'll postpone for week 11, and yeah, I did just that, I was working on a project with a colleague where we need to replace about a thousand of st

  • Test Shell Builtin Command

    Test Shell Builtin Command

    The test command can be a shell builtin or file executable (if you specify the full path to the file) that is used for file comparison, it returns a status of 0 (true) or 1 (false) depending on the

  • Suppressing Sensitive Entered Text/String In Bash

    Suppressing Sensitive Entered Text/String In Bash

    So far in our examples or scripts, we have written in the previous guides, we have no way of controlling what is visible to user, which is fine if we have no sensitive data such as passwords. As soon